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Aim of the training - What benefit do I get from the training?

You enroll in the Article26 eLearning for a two-month period, where you'll experience:

  • Flexible and self-directed learning utilizing scientifically grounded concepts to effectively aid in constructing your knowledge.
  • Tailored learning based on your individual preferences, incorporating diverse formats and media types.
  • Collaborative learning within your group and with Maxpert trainers through chats and topic-specific forums.
  • Game-based learning, immersed in an engaging scenario enhanced by various gamification techniques.

Our "ITIL 4 Foundation Online Basic" training follows a scenario-based approach, offering a comprehensive grasp of the ITIL framework's structure and interconnections. You'll delve into the fundamentals of Service Management according to ITIL, explore the components of the Service Value System, understand the four dimensions of Service Management, and grasp the concepts of the Service Value Chain and ITIL Management Practices.

The ITIL 4 online training features scenario-based video chapters, providing several hours of immersive learning. Evaluation is conducted through an exam simulator, utilizing sample questions from the ITIL 4 Foundation exam. Supplementary learning materials, including audio files and whitepapers, are also at your disposal.

Upon the completion of the three-month period, your membership concludes automatically.

Content - Which content is covered in the ITIL4 training?

The online course covers various aspects related to IT Service Management. It includes modules on practical applications of IT Service Management, the ITIL Service Value System, fundamental concepts, guiding principles, and models of ITIL. The course delves into the operation of IT services and infrastructures, highlighting selected practices and processes according to ITIL standards. Additionally, it outlines ITIL training paths and qualifications, providing preparation for the internationally recognized ITIL Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management examination.

The short demo offers a glimpse into the ITIL4 Foundation training through a scenario-based approach. Meet Jake and Henri in their world by clicking the provided link.

The "ITIL Foundation" e-Learning course empowers you to:

  • Define the term "service" and recognize the added value that service management brings to your company.
  • Grasp the concept of the ITIL Service Value System, identifying its components and understanding their interactions.
  • Comprehend the core terms and concepts of ITIL 4 and categorize them.
  • Understand practices, components, guidelines, and their interconnections.

Who is this training for?

This training is suited for professionals of all levels working in the IT sector, as well as anyone looking to gain a foundational understanding of the ITIL framework, such as:

  • Students
  • IT Managers
  • IT Leaders
  • IT Consultants
  • Operations Leaders
  • Executive Directors
  • Information Strategists
  • Solution Architects
  • IT Practitioners
  • Business Executives


  • Seeking a basic understanding of the ITIL framework
  • Looking for advice on using ITIL to enhance quality in IT Service Management organizations

Target Audience:

  • Those already utilizing ITIL in their organizations
  • IT experts exploring service improvement opportunities

How can you get the certificate for your ITIL4 training?

The ITIL 4 Foundation Online examination is conducted through the online Proctor exam, scheduled based on an individual appointment:

A set of 40 multiple-choice questions needs to be addressed within a 60-minute timeframe. To successfully pass, a minimum of 26 questions (65%) must be answered correctly. Upon successful completion of the ITIL Foundation Online exam, you will be awarded the globally recognized ITIL 4 Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management.

Your ITIL 4 Foundation Certificate, delivered in electronic format, will be accessible as an E-certificate within 48 hours following the successful examination. It will be accessible in your personal account on the Peoplecert Candidate Portal. The Proctor-Exam Voucher remains valid for 12 months.

Exam Details:

  • Language: English
  • Examination Institute: Peoplecert

I would really recommend this program to my friends. Rwanda has so many projects and no matter the industry you’re working in, most of the time you need a project to increase the value of your company. So having these certificates can really help – not only you, but also the company.

- Marius Kevin Ikuzwe - Kepler College -

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