Utilizing methodologies such as PRINCE2 (Projects in Controlled Environments) is essential for IT projects. A certified project manager, often holding PRINCE2 Foundation or Practitioner certification, plays a pivotal role in the success of IT projects.
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This is how you benefit from a professional PRINCE2 training

For two months, immerse yourself in the Article26 experience! This entails:

  • Adopting a fully flexible and self-organised approach to learning, based on scientifically proven concepts that effectively promote the construction of knowledge.
  • Tailoring your learning experience to your individual preferences by seamlessly integrating a variety of learning formats and media types.
  • Engage in collaborative learning within your group and connect with other learners and Article26 trainers through chats or topic-specific discussions in Communities of Practice. Explore playful learning by incorporating a wide range of gamification techniques.

Our PRINCE2 2017 Foundation online training comprehensively covers the setup, functionality, and the four integrated elements of the comprehensive prince2 methode. Gain a deep understanding of PRINCE2 principles, themes, processes, and the customized application of the method to align with your project environment. After completing the Foundation level, learners can advance to the PRINCE2 Practitioner level, which delves into further training to become a PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner, integrating PRINCE2 with agile methods. The training also includes effective exam preparation, ensuring learners are well-prepared for the exam.

  • Monitor your learning progress with a test simulator based on sample examination questions from the PRINCE2 Foundation exam.
  • Explore additional resources like audio files and whitepapers, available for download as needed.
  • Leverage multiple communication channels, including group chat, expert chat, and ‘Communities of Practice,’ to directly engage with other Article26 learners.

Your membership automatically expires after three months, but you have the option to renew for an additional three-month period.

Which content is covered in the PRINCE2 method training?

Our PRINCE2 2017 Foundation e-Learning Training, structured around real-world scenarios, offers unparalleled flexibility. The training content is based on the foundation of 'projects in controlled environments', emphasizing a structured approach to project management.

Initially, you’ll delve into PRINCE2 fundamentals at your own pace, aligning with your unique schedule to adequately prepare for the Foundation Exam. Upon completing the e-learning modules successfully, you gain the opportunity to take the exam through the PeopleCerts Remote Proctor method. PRINCE2 is particularly effective for projects within the IT project management domain, offering a comprehensive framework for managing complex technology projects. Throughout the course, you’ll gain proficiency in the following areas:

Seven PRINCE2 Principles: these core principles are fundamental to the PRINCE2 methode, ensuring a consistent and effective approach to project management:

  1. Continued Business Justification
  2. Defined Roles and Responsibilities
  3. Focus on Products
  4. Managing by Stages
  5. Managing by Exception
  6. Learn from Experience
  7. Tailor to Suit the Project Environment

PRINCE2's adaptability to various project sizes, project complexities, project industries, and the focus on delivering successful projects is a key aspect of its methodology.

Seven PRINCE2 Themes:

  1. Business Cases, setting the success standard
  2. Organizing the project team with respect to Directing, Managing, and Controlling
  3. Planning and producing Quality
  4. Organization and plans
  5. Change Management
  6. Recognizing and avoiding risks
  7. Achieving Progress

Seven PRINCE2 Processes:

  1. Starting up a Project
  2. Initiating a Project
  3. Directing a Project
  4. Managing Stage Boundaries
  5. Controlling a Stage
  6. Managing Product Delivery
  7. Closing a Project

This revised version maintains the original content while presenting it in a more varied and engaging manner.

PRINCE2 emphasizes the importance of creating a robust business case and managing a diverse portfolio. It outlines clear roles and responsibilities within project teams, ensuring effective organization and adherence to fundamental principles.

Who is this training for?

This training is suited for management professionals at every level, as well as students looking to get a successful start in the world of project management.

How can you become a certified project manager with your PRINCE2 training?

Our PRINCE2 2017 Foundation e-learning training, structured around real-world scenarios, offers unparalleled flexibility. It is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the roles and responsibilities within projects, ensuring that participants are well-prepared for the requirements in real day-to-day work.

We employ PeopleCert’s official online procedure for conducting the PRINCE2 Foundation Online Exam through Online Proctoring. This grants you the flexibility to take the exam at any time, 24/7, provided you have an internet connection. The Proctor-Exam voucher remains valid for a duration of 12 months.

For those opting for the Remote ProctorU method, there are specific prerequisites that must be met. All the necessary conditions and activities are detailed in the accompanying documentation.

Understanding the role of the projektmanager is crucial in successfully navigating the PRINCE2 certification process, highlighting the importance of effective coordination, monitoring, and control of project activities.

PRINCE2 Foundation Online Exam Details:

  • Format: Multiple-choice test with 75 questions (including 5 non-rated)
  • Passing Score: 50% (35 out of 70 points)
  • Exam Conditions: Closed book; no auxiliary materials allowed
  • PRINCE2 Foundation Certificate: E-Certificate will be accessible within 48 hours upon successfully completing the examination.

Language of Examination: English

Examination Accreditation: PeopleCert

In my organization, we have some skills that we are still struggling to fill. One of those is the management / management skills and how to conduct the lifecycle of a project – from the initial start until the termination.

- Maritine Munezero - Cyber Security Specialist / RISA -

Most of the students have studied in another range of technology so far. So they need to adopt those new methods – PRINCE2, ITIL4 and Scrum – to overcome the gaps that prevail.

- Jean Marie Ngiruwonsanga - Cyber Security Specialist / RISA -

All of the courses are interesting, but PRINCE2 is going to help me improve my career path. As an entrepreneur, I need to manage my projects and help develop my employees. And PRINCE2 is going to help me a lot with that.

- Asmar Denyse - Student / UNILAK -

As a future project manager I will be able to apply all the methodologies – whether agile or predictive. So additional to the bachelor degree, I will be having this certification that will help me to put things into practice and increase the value of my projects.

- Grace Habimana - Student / Kepler College -

I work through different projects and I supervise stuff; so I see how important it is to have professional courses building on their curriculums. They are important to add value to what we learned from bachelor degrees as well as from what we learn for master’s degrees. They are very important because they bring added value by considering the international way of doing things.

- Fidel Nsengiyaremye - Student / UNILAK -

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