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We want to drive Africa's digital transformation forward. Connecting people and providing education lies at our hearts.

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Max Stilp

Max is the founder of Article26. Before completing his MA in Service Design at the Royal College of Art in London, he studied Sports Management in Germany, immersed himself in the world of coding in Lisbon and volunteered at a school in Dehli, India.

During his time in India and England, he realised the importance of social projects and the limited access to quality education in emerging and developing countries. By creating an education platform, he aims to make quality education accessible to everyone worldwide.

Chau Ho

She is Project Manager with Article26 – is a philanthropist with a MA in Chinese Studies from the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich. 

She has been working in Project Management and Consulting for global development and social businesses in China, Myanmar, Laos and Germany in various sectors such as Energy, Financial Sector, Higher Education and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Chau's motivation to commit for sustainable development derives from her believe that boosting resilience and local ownership in society are making a difference.  

Obed Bigirimana

He is the Rwanda National Coordinator at Article26 and holds a Master's degree in software development from Southern New Hampshire University and a Bachelor's degree in Education from the University of Rwanda.

He has contributed significantly to various institutions, including Kepler, Southern New Hampshire, University of Global Health Equity, African Leadership University, and Actualize Bootcamp.

Obed is passionate about helping his fellow Africans earn internationally recognized certificates, which can have a positive impact on their careers.

Janviere Dushimire

Janviere Dushimire, Assistant Project Manager at Article26, is currently pursuing her Masters in Project Management at Liverpool John Moores University.

With a degree in Logistics and Operations from Southern New Hampshire University, she passionately worked towards securing a scholarship for her Master's, recognizing the importance of higher education for all.

Together with Article26, she envisions a world where high-quality education reaches every individual, irrespective of their status.

Eric Green

Eric is originally from Philadelphia and currently living and working in Germany. He arrived here as a soldier over 20 years ago, where he initially drove big-wheeled military vehicles. Over time, he transitioned into software development, Business Intelligence, Data Science, and today, he's enthusiastic about sharing insights into top Project & Service Management methodologies.

Excitingly, He is now part of Article26, a cause that's truly close to his heart. In addition to providing instruction and guidance in Project & Service Management, his goal is also to assist individuals in navigating positive life changes while cultivating a lasting passion for learning and strategic career development. He is genuinely thrilled about the impactful work happening here, and he eagerly anticipates making a lasting impression through his contributions.

Harry Goegl

Harry Goegl has over 10 years of experience in agile-creative consulting. He was one of the first employees at the HPI School of Design Thinking and subsequently accompanied companies in the field of innovation and agile transformation. Now he is a trainer and consultant in the agile transformation of teams and organizations. 

Harry supports Article26 as a learning experience designer with building new learning programs. And he supports the organization in terms of strategy. Harry is passionate about creating learning experiences and building learning communities.

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Max Stilp, Head of Article26
+49 69 50065 223

Obed Bigirimana, Rwanda National Coordinator and Trainer
+250 785 428 984

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