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Social responsibility is more than a buzz word for us

Article26 is looking for partner e-learning provider for a joint implementation of professional career development cooperation projects in the African region so that you can be supported.

Article26 is a non-profit initiative from Germany. Our driving force is Maxpert GmbH, an accredited training house in Germany. Education is a human right – and not a privilege. Access to education is not equally distributed around the world. We see this as a problem, and we believe that we have a social responsibility to share our accumulated knowledge in further education.

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How to collaborate with us

We are preparing Africa’s Change-Makers to contributing to the sustainable economic development within their countries. We believe that sustainable change can only happen as a collaborative effort. Article26 is therefore interested in cooperating with E-Learning content provider on career development training programmes that align with:

  • Article26’s Mission & Goals
  • Your Corporate Social Responsibilities
  • Our quality standards we want to provide

Article26’s exclusive approach includes providing internationally certified eLearnings and competency-based coaching by qualified trainers at no costs. However, we are heavily reliant on content provider to provide suitable E-Learning.

How you make a difference:

With providing valuable and internationally certified E-Learnings, you can:

  • Promote lifelong learning opportunities
  • Reduce the dependence of developing countries on industrialized countries and their KnowHow
  • Contribute to the resolution that education as a human right is no longer a privilege.
  • Make professional training accessible all over the world

Experience the Difference: Benefits that propel your company to success

  • Your contribution helps to fund your CSR compliance policy, which we can promote together on several channels.
  • Offering your trainings to a worldwide community
  • Inclusion in a vibrant community of content contributors, facilitating networking and collaboration opportunities
  • Appreciation events or ceremonies to recognize contributors’ efforts and achievements
  • Access to a platform or online repository of resources and best practices for ongoing learning and inspiration
  • Opportunities to attend conferences, seminars, or industry events relevant to E-Learnings and changemaking.

What are the criteria we are looking for in a collaboration?

  • You have a strong expertise in the field of education, providing Best Practices and innovative solutions tailored to specific areas such as adult learning
  • Keeping your E-Learning up to date is your top priority, ensuring that users receive the latest and most relevant information in areas like artificial intelligence, sustainability, or digital marketing
  • Your content is practical and impactful, demonstrated through compelling case studies or experience reports that showcase the real-world application of knowledge in field like project management, leadership development, or financial literacy

What is our object of interest?

We want to team up with educational institutions to improve capacitites and increase job prospects for local talents.

We want to achieve Sustainable Development Goals:

  • No 4 Quality Education
  • No 8 Decent Work and Economic Growth
  • No 10 Reduced Inequalities
  • No 17 Partnerships for the Goals

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