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Article26 seeks educational institutions in Africa to collaborate on professional career development projects. Together, we aim to empower local youth to become change agents, fostering entrepreneurship and meaningful contributions to their communities. Join us in making a difference.

Guidance for aspiring entrepreneurs on starting a new business

Article26 is looking for partner educational institutions for a joint implementation of professional career development cooperation projects in the African region so that you can be supported.

It's crucial to empower young local talents to become changemakers who can contribute significantly to their local communities through entrepreneurship.

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How to collaborate with us for entrepreneurship development

Our goal is to spur skills development in project, product, and IT service management required for Africa’s digital transformation. We are preparing Africa’s Change Makers through the entrepreneurship development process, highlighting its importance in preparing Africa's Change Makers to contribute to the sustainable economic development within their countries.

We believe that sustainable change can only happen as a collaborative effort. Article26 is therefore interested in cooperating with education institutions on career development training programmes that align with

  • Article26’s Mission & Goals
  • Your Country’s National Skills Development & Employment Promotion Strategy
  • Training highly qualified future employees

Why we need your help

Article26’s exclusive approach includes providing internationally certified eLearnings and competency-based coaching by qualified trainers at no costs. However, we are heavily reliant on educational organisations on the ground.

You, as partnering educational institution, are crucial for the empowerment of learners with Article26. Your access to motivated learners, your market knowledge, and your commitment to empower young local talents to become changemakers and multiplicators make the difference. Partnering with you is our premise of a successful instrument for cooperation. These Change Makers play a pivotal role in creating new businesses that contribute to sustainable economic development.

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Quality eLearning content is crucial for Article26's mission, emphasizing collaboration with instructional designers to ensure internationally certified, impactful materials.

What are the benefits of our collaboration with educational institutions?

  • Expand your mission
  • Increase your social impact
  • Diversification of course offerings
  • Free resources for learners
  • Bridge the gap between academia and the labour market
  • Benefit from Article26’s international network
  • Create jobs through collaboration, supporting the growth of small businesses with Article26's international network
We prioritize providing an exceptional learning experience in our e-learning courses. That's why we design our e-learning programs with a strong foundation in the psychology of learning.

What are the criteria we are looking for in a collaboration with educational institutions?

You are one of your region’s foremost educational institutions who wants to go the extra mile with us for a brighter future of the next generations.

You will:

  • Jointly implement with Article26 our project on-siteI
  • Identify suitable learners
  • Provide an enabling learning environment for the learners, ensuring they have the necessary resources such as IT equipment, stable internet access, and classrooms for community learning opportunities
  • Support by facilitation and coordination
  • Facilitate labour market integration, if possible
We hold the belief that lasting change thrives through collaboration. Article26 is keen on partnering with educational institutions for career development training programs that harmonize with this ethos.

What is our object of interest?

We want to team up with educational institutions to improve capacitites and increase job prospects for local talents. 

We want to achieve Sustainable Development Goals:

  • No 4 Quality Education
  • No 8 Decent Work and Economic Growth
  • No 10 Reduced Inequalities
  • No 17 Partnerships for the Goals
Digital education content providers play a significant role in fostering entrepreneurship by offering courses focused on the entrepreneurship development process. Through these programs, aspiring entrepreneurs gain access to necessary resources and expertise to succeed in their entrepreneurial ventures. Educational institutions, including universities and colleges, collaborate with these providers to offer a variety of courses tailored to meet the needs of students and aspiring entrepreneurs. By focusing on innovation and creativity, these educational programs not only prepare individuals to become successful entrepreneurs but also contribute to social change and economic growth in local communities. Through honest feedback and support, students learn to develop a solid business plan and navigate the risks associated with starting a new business. As a result, they are better equipped to create jobs, drive innovation, and become leaders in their respective industries, ultimately shaping the future of entrepreneurship in the digital age.

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