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Online courses are essential for lifelong learning and accessible professional training. We're looking for providers offering diverse, high-quality e-learning courses on crucial skills for today's workforce.

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Article26 is looking for partner e-learning provider for a joint implementation of professional career development cooperation projects in the African region so that you can be supported.

Corporate training plays a crucial role in professional career development, offering a structured path for enhancing employee skills and knowledge. Online courses are pivotal in promoting lifelong learning and making professional training accessible to a wider audience, ensuring that individuals have the resources they need to succeed in their careers. We are particularly interested in providers that can offer a wide range of high-quality elearning courses, covering essential skills and knowledge for today's workforce.

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How to collaborate with us for corporate training

We are preparing Africa’s Change-Makers to contributing to the sustainable economic development within their countries. We believe that sustainable change can only happen as a collaborative effort. Article26 is therefore interested in cooperating with E-Learning content provider on career development training programmes that align with:

  • Our quality standards we want to provide

Article26’s exclusive approach includes providing internationally certified eLearnings and competency-based coaching by qualified trainers at no costs. However, we are heavily reliant on content provider to provide suitable E-Learning.

How you make a difference:

With providing valuable and internationally certified E-Learnings, you can:

  • Promote lifelong learning opportunities
  • Reduce the dependence of developing countries on industrialized countries and their knowhow
  • Contribute to the resolution that education as a human right is no longer a privilege.
  • Make professional training accessible all over the world
  • Help create online courses tailored to the needs of learners in developing countries, leveraging the expertise of instructional designers to ensure high-quality, impactful eLearning content.
Quality eLearning content is crucial for Article26's mission, emphasizing collaboration with instructional designers to ensure internationally certified, impactful materials.

Experience the Difference: Benefits that propel your company to success

  • Your contribution helps to fund your CSR compliance policy, which we can promote together on several channels.
  • Offering your trainings to a worldwide community
  • Inclusion in a vibrant community of content contributors, facilitating networking and collaboration opportunities
  • Appreciation events or ceremonies to recognize contributors’ efforts and achievements
  • Access to a platform or online repository of resources and best practices for ongoing learning and inspiration
  • Opportunities to attend conferences, seminars, or industry events relevant to E-Learnings and changemaking.
  • Technological support through a learning management system for delivering and managing the e-learning content provided.
Your contribution enables us to promote your CSR compliance policy across various channels while extending your trainings to a global audience.

What are the criteria we are looking for in an online courses collaboration?

  • You have a strong expertise in the field of education, providing Best Practices and innovative solutions tailored to specific areas such as adult learning
  • Keeping your E-Learning up to date is your top priority, ensuring that users receive the latest and most relevant information in areas like artificial intelligence, sustainability, or digital marketing
  • Your content is practical and impactful, demonstrated through compelling case studies or experience reports that showcase the real-world application of knowledge in field like project management, leadership development, or financial literacy
  • You offer comprehensive compliance training, focusing on aligning content with the latest industry regulations and laws, and providing a wide range of topics in your course libraries to ensure organizations meet their legal and regulatory requirements
  • Your course libraries are extensive, offering a variety of topics from top content providers, with the flexibility to customize pre-made courses to better suit organizational needs
  • You deliver innovative and customized learning solutions designed to engage learners and achieve tangible business results, emphasizing the importance of personalized training and performance-driven approaches
By providing certified E-Learnings, you can support lifelong learning, reduce dependence on industrialized nations, democratize education, and make professional training globally accessible. Additionally, tailored online courses can meet the specific needs of learners in developing countries, ensuring high-quality content.

Why we chose e-learning solutions as our training programs

Corporate training programmes have evolved significantly with the advent of e-learning solutions and learning management systems. Instructional designers now create online courses on topics ranging from compliance training to personal development. Companies use online learning platforms to offer course libraries and customised learning content tailored to specific learning objectives. Learner engagement is enhanced through interactive courses and immersive learning experiences, ensuring better knowledge retention. Blended learning approaches combine online courses with traditional training materials to meet diverse learning needs. Industry professionals benefit from customised e-learning content, including interactive videos and video lessons, accessible through intuitive interfaces. Subscription-based services give learners unlimited access to a wealth of courses, improving business performance and employee development. From healthcare compliance to technical skills and software development, e-learning platforms meet the learning needs of diverse sectors, including not-for-profit organisations and government.

Article26 seeks an e-learning partner for joint professional career development projects in Africa, vital for employee skill enhancement.

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