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In Africa's digital journey, addressing environmental issues through partnerships is crucial. Collaborations between NGOs, businesses, and the private sector leverage digital innovation to tackle social and environmental challenges, contributing significantly to Africa's transformation.

Social responsibility is more than a buzz word for us

Article26 is looking for partner NGOs and NPOs, including local NGOs in developing countries, to jointly implement professional career development cooperation projects in the African region. Partnering with organisations that have a strong presence and understanding of the local context in developing countries is critical to the success of these projects.

Article26 is a non-profit initiative from Germany. Our driving force is Maxpert GmbH, an accredited training house in Germany. Education is a human right – and not a privilege. Access to education is not equally distributed around the world. We see this as a problem, and we believe that we have a social responsibility to share our accumulated knowledge in further education. In Africa's journey towards digital transformation, the importance of addressing environmental issues through strategic partnerships cannot be overstated. Collaborations between NGOs and businesses are critical to harnessing digital innovation to address social and environmental challenges. Furthermore, the private sector has a key role to play in contributing to Africa's digital transformation, bringing valuable resources and expertise to these partnerships.

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Why your partnership is so important to us

In recent years, the importance of NGO partnerships, especially corporate NGO partnerships, has grown significantly within the international community. These successful partnerships leverage the expertise, resources, and networks of both NGOs and partner companies to address priority issues like environmental issues, human rights, and education in developing countries. By collaborating with regional organizations and local NGOs, large companies can mitigate reputational risks and benefit from access to new markets and customers. The final decision to embark on a partnership often rests with the executive director or head office, taking into account factors such as reputational risk, market access, and the potential for positive impact on the community. Pilot projects serve as testbeds for innovative approaches, ensuring that future initiatives are built on solid foundations of knowledge and experience. This collaborative approach not only drives success in individual projects but also fosters long-term development and innovation, benefiting both businesses and communities worldwide.

How to work with us as an NGO partner

We prepare Africa's change-makers to contribute to sustainable economic development in their countries. We believe that sustainable change can only happen through a collaborative effort. Corporate NGO partnerships play a crucial role in this context, demonstrating a company's commitment to sustainable economic development through strategic and forward-looking capabilities.

  • Article26 is therefore interested in working with governmental organisations on career development training programmes that are in line with
  • Your country's National Skills Development & Employment Strategy

Article26's exclusive approach includes providing internationally certified e-learning and competency-based coaching by qualified trainers at no cost. However, we rely heavily on the mission & knowledge of government organisations, as well as their access and resources on the ground.

We believe in developing sustainable approaches at the macro level through long-term and trusted partnerships based on agility, transparency and participation. A successful partnership in this context is defined by its agility, transparency and active participation of all parties involved.

Partnering with you is our premise for a successful collaboration tool.

Article26 offers free internationally certified E-Learnings and competency-based coaching, relying on governmental organizations for mission, knowledge, and resources, while fostering sustainable partnerships built on agility, transparency, and active participation, defining success by these principles and offering partnership as the foundation for effective cooperation.

What are the benefits of our collaboration?

  • Expand your mission
  • Increase your social impact
  • Bridge the gap between academia and the labour market
  • Receive support to develop a supportive education framework that aligns with your national priorities
  • Strengthen your institutional and implementation capacity, reinforced by national ownership
  • Raise the skill levels of your country's workforce
  • Benefit from Article26's international network
  • Contribute to 'food security' by using Article26's international network and resources to facilitate projects that address this critical issue in collaboration with global partners.
  • Promote 'human rights' through educational frameworks and capacity building in line with national priorities to promote social progress and economic growth.
We're empowering Africa's Change-Makers for sustainable economic development. Collaborative corporate-NGO partnerships are key, demonstrating commitment and strategic foresight.

What are the criteria we are looking for in a collaboration?

You are a governmental organisation, NGO partner, or in any other sector on national, regional, or municipal level in the area of

  • Education
  • Gender and Family Affairs
  • Information and Communications Technology (ICT)
  • Labour and Employment
  • or in any other area where Article26’s trainings and services in personal development can support you, your country, or your community. We value the collaboration with NGO partners who are instrumental in monitoring impact, skill sharing, advocacy, and understanding of public and regulatory policy, aiming to tackle social and environmental issues that align with our values and goals.

What sets you apart from others:

  • You are open to entering into a balanced partnership of equals;
  • Your development goals are ideally aligned with the Agenda2030;
  • Your National Action Plan strongly commits to providing equal access to education;
  • You are sustaining and spreading a continuous improvement culture;
  • You are focusing on solving real problems to tackle these bottlenecks, you want to start inside your organization by spurring internal capacity development;
  • You strongly support Training-the-Trainers-approaches for spreading best-practices;
  • You consider competency-based training as sustainable means to improve community-led development in your country

What do partner companies need to do to collaborate?

The first thing you should do is contact us and send us an enquiry. After that, you will:

  • Jointly implement with Article26 our project on-site
  • Provide an enabling learning environment for the learners (IT equipment, stable internet access, classrooms for community learning opportunities)
  • Support with facilitation and coordination activities
  • Connect a growing pool of qualified local workforce and trained trainers to employers and multiplicators
  • Connect Article26 with academia, science and the labour market, so that we can develop services to learners for bridging the gap between these stakeholders
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 Article26's personal development programs support individuals, nations, and communities. We collaborate closely with NGOs to monitor impact, share skills, advocate for change, and address social and environmental issues aligned with our goals

What is our object of interest?

We want to support government institutions to improve capacities and increase job prospects for local talents.

We want to achieve Sustainable Development Goals:

  • No 4 Quality Education
  • No 8 Decent Work and Economic Growth
  • No 10 Reduced Inequalities
  • No 17 Partnerships for the Goals
The private sector is making a big impact on Africa's digital transformation, bringing resources and expertise to partnerships. Meanwhile, Article26 is teaming up with NGOs, NPOs, and local organizations in developing countries to empower careers across Africa.

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