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Social responsibility is more than a buzz word for us

That's why Article26 is looking for partner educational institutions and their learners for the joint implementation of professional career development cooperation projects in the African region.

Article26 is a non-profit initiative based in Germany. Our driving force is Maxpert GmbH, an accredited training company in Germany. Education is a human right - not a privilege. Access to education is not equally distributed around the world. We see this as a problem and believe that we have a social responsibility to share our accumulated knowledge in training.

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How can professional development enhance your leadership skills and career?

Professional development means acquiring new skills through education and training before and after you enter the workforce. At Article26 we want to help you to do just that, which is why we offer high quality e-learning with associated internationally recognised certificates from leading accreditors.

Why is career development important?

We believe that professional development is important because it can help you improve existing skills, learn new ones and open up career opportunities. Improving existing skills and learning new ones will have an impact not only on your current job in the short and medium term, but also on the sustainable economic development of your country in the long term. It can also help you stand out from other candidates and demonstrate your enthusiasm for personal development. Incorporating a development plan into your career strategy is crucial to enhancing your professional growth and opening up new career opportunities.

Ongoing skill development is essential for career progression, ensuring that individuals are equipped to meet the evolving demands of their role and the industry.

Professional development enhances both hard and soft skills by exposing you to new ideas and expertise. Building these employee skills is crucial for achieving your professional goals and even some personal ones.

Personal benefits of mentorship programs in professional career development

Learn new skills: Through professional development, you can improve both your hard skills and your soft skills by exposing yourself to new ideas and expertise. Developing both types of skills is important to achieving your professional goals - and even some of your personal goals.

Build confidence and credibility: Adding additional skills or certificates from a training programme to your CV will boost your confidence in your abilities, show your credibility to employers and demonstrate commitment to the job.

Develop leadership skills: A confident employee is likely to be a dedicated employee. When you take the step to develop yourself and expand your skills, the incentive to seek additional opportunities can grow with it. Embracing personal growth through professional development, such as gaining leadership skills, honing workplace skills, receiving coaching or mentoring, gaining experience, taking courses and enrolling in leadership certificate programmes, is crucial for anyone who wants to succeed as a leader.

Build your network: Professional development offers many opportunities for networking. Our eLearnings offer students and employees the chance to meet new people in their field and make new contacts.

Take the step to develop yourself and expand your skills, like creative problem solving, conflict resolution or critical thinking skills.

Why our certificates matter

The certificates found on our platform are recognised and respected worldwide because they test a true understanding of multiple subjects such as Scrum, PRINCE2 and ITIL and how to apply them. As a result, world-class organisations such as Microsoft, NASA and MTN have confidence in these skills.

All certification exams provided by the accreditors embody the principles of each topic, while providing a way for you to assess your current skills and identify areas for improvement.

Upon successful completion of the exam, you will automatically receive your e-certificate as a download to your account on the exam provider's portal within 48 hours, or by email within two weeks.

We will offer valuable training in topics that drive global progress and will be in high demand in both today's and tomorrow's job market.

What topics can we help you with?

In principle, our offer will not be limited to these topics, but we will provide good practice in topics that move the world and will be in demand in today's and tomorrow's working environment. To this end, we will focus on the following themes:

  • Digital skills because it is becoming increasingly important to understand and use digital technologies as they facilitate access to education, work and information.
  • Language learning because we believe that learning languages is an important part of education, especially in a globalised world.
  • Artificial intelligence which is now on everyone's lips and cannot be ignored in important areas such as education and work.
  • Sustainability and environmental protection as we have to deal with issues such as climate change and pollution, which is a very important issue.
  • Soft skills which underpin the hard skills described above. Issues that are important to us here include teamwork, communication and leadership.
  • Health knowledge and skills are important aspects of education, especially at a time when the world is facing a pandemic.
We prioritize providing an exceptional learning experience in our e-learning courses. That's why we design our e-learning programs with a strong foundation in the psychology of learning.

How can we support your learning process?

Digitalisation is in full swing and there is a wide range of online training available. It is important to us that the learning experience of an e-learning course is particularly good. That's why we make it a priority to offer you e-learning that takes into account the psychology of learning. But what makes them different?

Research in the field of learning psychology is working hard on the question of how a modern e-learning system should be structured in order to provide the best possible learning experience for the learner.

The findings so far are:

  • Social learning: Participants in online courses should be able to network and interact with each other (Ministry of Education).
  • Gamification: Transferring game-like elements and processes to non-game contexts leads to faster learning and increased motivation (Herger, 2014).
  • Designing content according to learning preferences: Considering diversity and inter-individuality in preferred learning media can significantly contribute to increasing motivation (Mandl & Hense, 2014).

Our e-learnings are designed according to these scientific findings and offer the most modern learning formats. They combine the requirements of learning theory with the latest media to create a digital learning world that goes far beyond the mere delivery of course content.

We prioritize providing an exceptional learning experience in our e-learning courses. That's why we design our e-learning programs with a strong foundation in the psychology of learning.

How do you get access to online courses and E-Learnings?

If you are a learner and want to develop your skills and benefit from the training on the Article26 platform, you have two options:

You are part of an NGO, a public educational institution or an employee of a private organisation. This means that your organisation provides you with free training through Article26.

Or you have purchased the training yourself through A26.

Once you have access to the training, you have a limited time to complete the training and take your exam. Article26 gives a maximum usage period of 3 months. The advantage for you is that these are self-paced e-learnings, which means you can manage your time to complete the training as you wish.

The aim is to take the relevant exam at the end of the e-learning to validate your knowledge. This proof must be provided to the world's leading accreditors and publishers of exams and certificates. This usually takes the form of an online exam.

You benefit from the flexibility of these self-paced e-learning courses, allowing you to tailor your schedule to complete the training at your convenience.

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