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Strategic Partnership Technology in Africa - GIZ

Africa is growing: seven of the ten fastest-growing economies are currently in Africa. By 2050, the continent will be home to 2.5 billion people, nearly 60 per cent of whom will be under the age of 30 and account for one-fifth of the world's consumers. The SPTA network combines many years of experience in international cooperation on the ground with the diverse expertise of partner companies. The result is sustainable business ideas that harness the potential of cutting-edge technologies in Africa.

What is SPTA?

The Strategic Partnership Technology in Africa (SPTA) brings together businesses and development cooperation actors to pilot projects that harness the potential offered by technologies and digital solutions for a social and environmental transformation of economies across the African continent.

The aim of the SPTA is to develop public-private cooperation projects that contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), through the use of innovative technologies. These projects focus on piloting and upscaling the use of tech-enabled solutions.

Where does SPTA put it's focus on?

Focus is put on

  • Promote a socially just and environmentally-friendly global transition in the areas of mobility, energy and sustainable construction;
  • Empower women, girls and LGBTQI+ people and reduce structural inequality to promote gender equality.

Article26 supported the goals of SPTA’s support to European and African companies in the development of suitable project ideas, creation of linkages with local expertise and potential project partners and the development of business models by providing digital trainings to learners in Project Management, product management and IT service management.

Our learners were sourced from following local organizations:
  • kLab (Rwanda)
  • SOLVIT AFRICA (Rwanda)
  • RLabs (South Africa)

The project was implemented by following international development projects of GIZ (German Development Cooperation):

  • WeCode Rwanda
  • Special Initiative on Training and Job Creation (Invest for Jobs; GIZ Rwanda)
  • Digital Skills for Jobs and Income (#eSkills4Girls and Digital Skills, GIZ South Africa)

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