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We're proud to be partners with

IPRC Kigali - Integrated Polytechnic Regional College

IPRC Kigali is the leading public college with a focus on technology programmes. They are about discovering opportunities and potentials for students fresh out of high school, transfer students, returning students pursuing advanced diplomas and faculty and staff who are passionate about their fields. IPRC Kigali aims at providing technology education as a major vehicle for achieving and sustaining industrial development in Rwanda.

What is IPRC's mission?

Mission: to provide Technical and vocational training at all levels in order to empower students and enhance their opportunities for career advancement and success in a global economy.

Vision: RP IPRC Kigali aspires to be a leading world class institution in the provision  of  producing graduates capable of developing and implementing creative technical solutions to social and industrial needs of Rwanda, the region and International society.

Why IPRC trainees are suitable to benefit from Article26’s trainings:

IPRC's main objective is to train and produce highly skilled candidates ready for the market who are capable of contributing to the development of communities by enhancing and building solutions through the skills obtained in computer languages, operating systems, Software development, networking, web and mobile technologies, databases and digital media production. The learners aquire skills in:

  • ICT Essentials; PC Maintenance and Computer Literacy.
  • Data structures and Algorithms
  • Computer Programming Languages (C, Java, C#, Python, PHP)
  • Web applications Development
  • Mobile applications Development
  • Networking and Network Security
  • Database Management Systems (MySQL, Oracle, Postgresql)

We offer support through our Scrum e-learning, which originates from software development and serves as a foundation for training in web and mobile development, as well as programming languages. Scrum is the standard methodology for organizing and implementing web development projects. 

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