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Kepler College Kigali

Since its establishment in 2004 as Orphans of Rwanda and later as Generation Rwanda in 2010, Kepler has supported economically vulnerable but talented Rwandan students to access higher education in Rwanda. In 2013, Kepler redirected its efforts to reshape higher education, forming a partnership with Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) to provide competency-based U.S. bachelor's degrees for its students. The organization's key mission is to serve marginalized communities, such as refugees and students with disabilities, with a commitment to having 30% of its students from marginalized communities,

What is Kepler's mission?

Kepler’s Vision: Provision of transformative opportunities and economic mobility to African youth by leading Africa’s transition to competency-based education.

Their Mission: Equipping young Africans with global competencies and the mindset to solve local challenges.

Our learners are sourced from the following studies:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Business
  • Bachelor of Arts in Communication
  • Bachelor in Project Management

Why Kepler trainees are suitable to benefit from Article26’s trainings:

Since 2022, Kepler College in Rwanda has been piloting a unique 21st century university experience through blended learning, dynamic career services and tailored support for marginalized communities.

The Kepler students Article26 serves come from marginalized economic backgrounds. They are majoring in Project Management, Business and Communication. Therefore, they're perfectly equipped to immediately put the acquired knowledge of Article26 trainings into practice during hands-on projects and future employment opportunities.

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